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How to Grow Through Customer Feedback: Luisa Buinhas from Vyoma

Let your customers lead the way! Luisa Buinhas, co-founder and space systems engineer at Vyoma speaks about her perfectionism and how it stopped her from getting the product to market.


Hi, good morning. I'm Luisa Buinhas and I'm the Chief Program Officer at Vyoma. So my problem was that we were being too perfectionist with our developments, with our online platform, and this delayed the launch of our services.

Now, as former academics, we tend to be very mindful of how our developments may be used or perceived by others.

But we actually realised that this over-preoccupation with detail was getting in the way of us bringing our platform to market.

And we had to postpone a few times sometimes to add features that only had a marginal impact on customer usability or customer satisfaction.

Our creative solution was getting customer feedback in earlier stages. So we started talking to customers earlier in time for our subsequent developments, for example, when we wanted to add new features or deploy new services. And we started doing this on the basis of customer requests instead of simply blindly proposing solutions. This ensured that what we offered was exactly what customers wanted, and this also allowed us to get paid for these developments as well.


My suggestion, especially for young companies, is to involve customers in early stages of your technical developments, understand the critical pain points of your customers, and then use this information to steer your solutions.

Especially with developments that go beyond what you initially discussed with your customers, there is the potential to upsell your services in the future.

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