Product Film - Quest for Energy


A short product film for Allegro Development to promote their CTRM (Commodity Trading Rise Management) software to the Utilities industry sector.


Explain a complex software solution that Allegro wish to promote to their Utilities and Energy target audience in the form of a short film. Ekstasy scripted and filmed the project extensively across Norway and U.K. Shots were filmed in studios, on location and aerial shots were filmed via helicopters. The total production process lasted for 8 weeks. The film was shot on Arri-Alexa. The Film was shown across all trade shows, conferences, events, online and in email campaigns.
Ekstasy is not a supplier; they are a true partner that takes ownership throughout the entire campaign, making it their business to capture your company brand, culture and messaging, but most impressive is their best-practice guidance around how to integrate video into multi-sensory lead gen campaigns, what platforms to use, how to capture and measure engagements and how to extend the life of video. Their creative team came up with concepts that told our story in several different ways, each one remaining true to our brand but definitely pushing the boundaries of traditional corporate video. The hardest part was choosing which concept we liked the most. The easy part was showcasing boardroom ROI.
Claire Peel
Director EMEA & APAC Marketing - Allegro Development

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