Case Study Videos and Written Stories


ESET annual pan-European case study production programme.


ESET contracted Ekstasy to produce an annual case study programme across Europe in multiple languages. Ekstasy managed the complete process end to end. From logistics, production, scripting, filming, crew, kit, transcription, translations, music, titles, graphics, name tags, sub-titles with unlimited reviews. ESET has used these videos globally. A total of 24 case study videos and written stories were produced across Europe and have been used online, in trade shows, in sales pitches, conferences and in b2b lead gen campaigns.
I would definitely recommend co-operation with Ekstasy to any brand who takes their B2B marketing seriously. I enjoyed working with Ekstasy because all the projects were finished as agreed, on time and even in better quality than originally intended.
Miroslav Mikuš
EMEA Sales and Marketing Director - ESET

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