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Are TV Ads still worth it?

That’s a debatable question, but you know what’s not? Advertising is everywhere. Literally everywhere, try to go from one place to another without getting sold to and I guarantee you can’t. What marketeers have to keep in mind is what is and isn’t avoidable for the consumer. For instance, a lot of OOH content is unavoidable, even if they’re not paying attention, they’re still absorbing it.

However what can be avoided for a lot of people is TV ads, so the question arises, should brands still advertise on TV?

The answer? Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet, so let me explain.

I think every brand should advertise and produce content, no question about that, and doing it digitally can be done really well. It’s cheaper than TV advertising, more scalable and it’s easier to reach your target audience through digital than TV. As well as this when consumers are online the majority of the time they’re in the mind frame to interact which can be useful for ads with a CTA. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, you still need a solid strategy and content to really make a campaign work, adding to this there are thousands and thousands of ads online so cutting through the noise can be a challenge.

This is where TV ads can shine, they can not only reach a diverse mass audience (71% of the population) which is awesome for a brand awareness campaign but people trust TV ads. To get an ad on TV it has to meet rules and regulations to make sure it’s suitable for the viewers, and people know this, which means the majority of people trust them. Compare this with online advertising where rules exist but are less strict than TV and you’ll see more people have their guard up. For this example, we’ll ignore the “As seen on TV” products.

Also as digital advertising rises in popularity, one would think that TV’s effectiveness would diminish but that’s actually not the case. Looking at the graph below you can see that adding TV advertising to campaigns has actually risen in its effectiveness.

As well as this, people spend more time watching television than they do on any other form of media. I don’t need to explain why this is great for brands but I will. If you have a huge audience you’re more likely to gain leads and get people to know you’re brand than if you were to advertise purely online or OOH because you have a larger audience. The more fish you have in a barrel, the more you’re going to hit (70% of TV advertising delivers profitable returns).

Now I’ve spoken about how TV can be great for a brand to raise awareness and even generate leads but here’s the golden ticket. Using multiple channels in harmony (TV can increase the effectiveness of campaigns by up to 40%). With a solid strategy behind it campaigns across multiple channels can be twice as effective as opposed to using one channel. Doing this can also move buyers/leads along the buyer’s journey, making them more likely to respond to a CTA and more likely to think about buying your product or service. The analogy I’d use for this would be if someone asked you to build a table with only a hammer, it wouldn’t be very easy, but if someone gave you a whole toolbox it suddenly becomes a lot easier.

At the end of the day, not every brand is in the position to advertise on TV but when putting together a marketing plan if it’s not even considered then you’re missing a trick. To answer the question, yes, it is worth it but should your brand use it? Like most things in life…it depends.