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The Individuality Conundrum: Brands Need Their Own Unique Voice

It is sometimes difficult to give every human being a voice or what you will call “true individual representation” during his/her lifetime. So what we tend to do is to try for the second best which is a collective identity. You can very quickly start to feel like one of the many colourless poppies in a massive field. But you know full well that if someone were to care to give you a closer inspection, they would find that you are this beautiful red poppy, so charismatic and intrinsically unique among all the others.

This Individuality Conundrum is also shared by Brands. Brands on a daily basis are desperately trying to be recognised for their distinct voice. No two software companies are the same, or for that matter nor are two cars or laptops similar.

Our ‘Human Experience’ is nothing more than a belief system but each one of us buys a different version of the belief, whichever makes us feel more ‘me’ or ‘real’. It is sad and beautiful at the same time that technology can allow us to have very personal experiences whether with media, family or nature, but we still end up recognising human success on a collective scale, which is directly proportionate to the progress of technology. Look at most of the statistics, they tend to be representational and in that representation the true voice of the individual, person or company is lost.

My concern is that if we only focus on the growth of the collective technology which is now not incremental but instant, we might forever lose the real meaning of an ‘individual human’ and similarly that of an ‘individual company’.

As much as every industry needs to see its sector getting a collective recognition and greater financial success, at the same time we need to make sure no single company loses its true individuality and its sense of being.

We at Ekstasy are working on a daily basis to help brands find their unique voice and their own personal story via the medium of film.