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Role of storytelling in the future of payments – In conversation with Marketing Director, Laurel Wolfe.

As part of Ekstasy’s : Brave Marketeer Series we met Marketing Director Laurel Wolfe to ask her opinion on the importance of storytelling in the future of Payments industry, and how she sees this space evolving over the next few years. You can watch the 1.5 minute interview below.

In case you could not play the video, these were some of Laurel’s important quotes:

“I see a real opportunity for boring B2B payments companies to look to B2C for some inspiration, and I already see it happening. I see a lot of humour being used, B2B companies using social channels, generating social content, generally making payments a lot more fun.”

“I see a great opportunity for retailers to take hold of new technologies at the point of sale online and in-store, and use those technologies to create a better connection with the consumer.”

“Retailers need to be brave and need to implement these new technologies…”

To inspire you further, below are two examples of brands within the payments sector who are embracing storytelling proactively:

Transferwise : Great series of videos around their key message on saving customers from hidden bank charges on money transfer fees. You can see video stories on their facebook page:

Deutsche Bank : started a video series under the hashtag #economystories. The videos are a little formal but still an honest attempt at telling a story. You can check the videos out via this link:

It might be a stretch to divide companies and their success into two categories. The ones who are “storytelling” and the others who are “storydoing” but for what it is worth, it is still a very interesting insight into how more story led companies are winning over their competition. You can read this study via this link:

I hope you liked this video interview and article. We will encourage you to let us know if there are specific marketing leaders you will like us to interview and what questions you will like us to ask them.

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