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How to Lead a Diverse Technical Team: Aphiwe Adams from Omnipresent Global

In this episode, Aphiwe reveals his method of categorising a highly diverse team of different cultural backgrounds and levels of education.


Hi, my name is Aphiwe Adams and I'm the CEO of Omnipresent Global. So my problem was being able to find talent and manage a diverse technical team.

My creative solution was to take time as a leader to go and understand these different ethnic groups, the cultural nuances, what they deem as respectful, what they don't deem as respectful, and then group these different cultural groups based on areas of commonality. And I found this to work.

It works in three different tiers. We have Group A, which are generally pioneers, don't come from a very strong academic background, mostly dropouts who just have a raw understanding of technology. And then Group B, very academic guys who bring in the standardisation. Group C would be the ones that mostly just take instructions.

So this is how I've been able to deal with this problem and I found that it works really well.


Look, the most cliche one is to follow your gut, and do what you love. I think that's very, very important. The journey of entrepreneurship is more spiritual than not.

So really enjoy that journey of becoming, right? Because that's what it is, a journey of becoming who you are. Don’t ever fall into the trap of the ego, I think that's when the journey really becomes toxic.

Try to be as honest as possible, as difficult as it is. Be honest with your staff members, involve them in whatever you're doing.

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