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TV-led integrated advertising campaign to help Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy rise from the sea of sameness of other digital pharmacy brands and build brand awareness.

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Ekstasy identified the strategic value in targeting the "worriers" and came up with the tagline "One Less Thing to Worry About". Worriers wish to lead a normal lifestyle and do not want to worry about repeat medication. The campaign intentionally uses humour and does not try to sell the product, instead revolves around storytelling and building a brand recall with endearing characters in an episodic series, in this case a couple - Barbara and Noah. Echo can at least help Barbara take care of her medication, if not her partner. The campaign was turned around in under 8 weeks from pitch to go live. Ekstasy worked as the Creative Agency for the campaign. Looking after all phases of the project ranging from Strategy, Creative, Production and Delivery.
From pitch to production, it’s been a pleasure to work with Ekstasy’s creative team on our first live action TV ad. The Echo team were impressed by Ekstasy’s unique approach to reaching our target audience. Considering the lifestyle and emotion of our target audience, rather than demographics, landed us with a campaign theme we truly believed in and we hoped would resonate with patients. We love Ekstasy’s approach to storytelling and are delighted that the TV ad has performed above benchmark, alongside expert media buying capabilities. During the project, communication between Echo and Ekstasy teams was unrivalled and as a result the project was delivered on time and to a high standard. It’s been a pleasure to launch such a successful campaign together!
Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy
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