Olive Green - Interactive Feature

Interactive AR/VR

World's First Interactive Feature Film for English Language Learning.

Grand Prix - 1st Prize
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
Best Film of the Year
US International Film and Video Festival
Best Broadcast & Best Multi-Channel Campaign
The Drum Awards


SuperMemo asked Ekstasy to produce a 3 hour long film with 60 scenes with multiple plot forks. Ekstasy had a crew of around 40 members and a cast of around 60 members to produce the feature film over 30 days across 24 locations dotted around Oxford and London. Filmed on feature film camera - Arri-Alexa paired with Cooke S4 lenses and truck load of lights. The dialogue of the film has been written in strict guidance of the actual language learning course. It mirrors the 5 levels of difficulty as you progress through the film. The film has won best picture in 4 international film awards. The technology of the interactive app which allows readers to learn the English language using the film scenes and multiple exercises has also been awarded and recognised globally on major education platforms. Product available via online Google Play and App Store.
Our aim was to obtain high quality film material within a relatively low budget and tight schedule. With great energy, conviction and courage, Ekstasy made it possible for us, to the best of our expectations.
Alicja Jankowiak
Editor-in-Chief - SuperMemo World

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