Air-Conditioner Product Film


Epic Product Films for Samsung. Filmed in extreme climate.This first film was filmed across Scandinavia. Lowest recorded temperature, -31 degree. Helicopters were used to film aerial shots and huskies were used to cross frozen rivers. Shot on Feature Film Camera - Arri-Alexa.

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EVCOM Industry Awards
Best White Goods Product of the Year
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Samsung asked Ekstasy to produce a series of special films for its air conditioner product that had to be advertised across Europe. Ekstasy conceptualised and produced two films across Iceland and Scandinavia, showing the journey of a male and female explorer around the theme of "Reliability in the Extreme." The films were shown across TV, Online and at Trade shows. Also, used in sales pitches, stakeholder meetings and in-email campaigns across Europe.
The end result of both of the projects have been mind blowing. My European customers have said that both of the films must have been probably the best films we have ever done for Samsung.
Harold de Vries
EU Marketing Executive - Samsung

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