TV, Radio, OOH and Online commercials conceptualised and produced for primarily UK and Italian markets. Assets used on digital channels across Europe.

Brand Awareness Uplift


Develop a creative that targets small business owners and resonates across UK and Italian markets for a TV Commercial. Ekstasy identified that customers were pleasantly surprised when they found out that a micro business owner was accepting cards and the general reaction was to ask in a surprised tone of voice - "You take card?" or in Italian "Prende la carta?". Ekstasy built the whole creative around this scenario. Filmed across UK and Italy over 5 days. The total production took 3 months to complete and Ekstasy delivered multiple cut-downs of 30, 20, 15 and 10 seconds for both TV and Online ads. SumUp saw major brand uplift and the adverts provided SumUp creative continuity across TV and online, which improved the buyer's journey.
Working with Ekstasy has been a lot of fun! We worked together on the production of a TVC and it really felt like we were developing the project together as the team was very open for input from our side. The production itself went very smoothly and the entire team was very professional. Even once the project was terminated, they happily went the extra mile to help us with unexpected short term requests. The collaboration was very pleasant and we highly recommend Ekstasy to anyone who is looking for a partner with whom to develop content!
Sibylle Jost
VP Product Marketing and Communication

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