3D Character Animation


3D Character animation developed from scratch. Used in developing an Augmented Reality experience. Ekstasy holds copyright to all the characters developed.


Smoothwall wanted the 3D characters to be fun and engaging so they can grab the attention of kids and adults alike at the BETT trade show. Ekstasy developed the 4 characters, conceptualised a story and gave each character a personality. The 3D characters were a huge hit at the show. Everyone found them to be cute, funny and wanted to interact with them. There were 4 games that were created with the 4 animation sequences in Augmented Reality, where the player can see themselves in the big screen and in the space around them the characters are tracked by live cameras so the player experience is augmented with the animated characters in the real world.
Overall the experience of working with Ekstasy was an incredible one. From scope and creation, right through to delivery. The process was so much fun. It was so exciting. I am really lucky as a marketeer to be able to work on something like that with a team like the one at Ekstasy. Because they really do understand what you are trying to achieve and they go above and beyond to deliver it.
Claire Stead
Head of Marketing - Smoothwall

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