2D Animation


A series of 3 animations titled: A Life Without - Pixels, Optimization and Contextualization to showcase how Exponential's ad technology helps customers.


Exponential asked Ekstasy to script and produce 3 animations around the same creative and stylistic visual theme. The biggest challenge was to simplify the complex messaging of the product so that they could work for the animation scripts. Ekstasy took 6 weeks to script and storyboard the three animations with multiple client reviews. Once these were locked then the animation and music with multiple reviews took around 8 weeks to produce. Exponential have found great success with the animation series. They have used them across social platforms for lead generation. Also, used them on landing pages and in email campaigns globally.
It was a pleasure working with Ekstasy. The project brief included three animated explainer videos illustrating digital advertising terminology – The Ekstasy team was professional, friendly and great at translating ideas and concepts into engaging visual experiences. Their level of customer service was unbeatable. We were very happy with the final video animations, which embodied the modern, fun and consultative vibe we were aiming to achieve. Thanks, Ekstasy!
Iris Espiritu
Senior Marketing Communications Executive - Exponential Ad Tech

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