Brand Films


For over three years Ekstasy has produced brand films for Keyline.


Produce a brand film every year over three years which needs to be current and attention worthy of all the attendees at the annual company conference, trade shows and online. Ekstasy produced several pieces of content: YEAR 1: Brand Film - "One Team. One Goal." (freestyle football action in their office). + a Comedy series - "Through the Ages." (characters such as Noah and Egyptian come to the store and ask for building materials). YEAR 2: Brand Film - "Murmurations" (5 key projects across UK in the form of birds in the sky). + "Frozen" (i.e. the #Mannequinchallenge things are frozen in mid air, capturing the moment, literally). YEAR 3: Brand Film - "Exceeding Expectations" (a super fast montage style film, which was filmed over 3 weeks across multiple sites and offices of Keyline.) Ekstasy successfully pitched ideas three years in a row and won all three times and produced super creative films to help Keyline increase its brand visibility and engagement. The films have since been shown at trade shows, conferences and client pitch meetings across UK.
The videos look stunning! Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity.
Waheeza Tegally-McNair
Marketing Manager - Keyline

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