SES Satellites

3D Animation Series and Website


Series of five 3D Animations and a stylised CMS Website used as a lead magnet.

Month Campaign
B2B Marketing Qualified Leads


SES asked Ekstasy to increase brand awareness and lead generation for it's O3b mPower satellites and promote it's mission to help connect the unconnected globally. A team of 15 talented Ekstasy staff worked over 6 months to conceptualise and produce a series of five 3D animations and the interactive website platform to finish the project in under 6 months. Ekstasy managed the project across creative ideation, production / development and launch. The website and content has become SES's most powerful brand awareness and lead generation tool. It has generated hundreds of leads in the first 2 weeks of launch. SES has been been able to use the content across all their online sites and at multiple events globally.
Ekstasy has been an amazing partner throughout a project that needed to deliver not only on the wow factor, but also on the technical details. With deadlines tight, Ekstasy remained a creative partner, thinking through new ways to communicate the intricacies of our field. Meanwhile also focusing on the specific deliverables and milestones that needed to be accomplished in order to deliver a final product on time and within budget. The final result (a series of animations and interactive platform) has just been rolled out to the market, and has already produced more than 200 marketing qualified leads. In a busy market full of competitor imagery, the stylization provided by Ekstasy is helping SES make a distinct mark.
Laura Gibson – ten Bloemendal
Manager, Cotnent Strategy

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