Whirlpool CBRE

Investor Film


Whirlpool wanted to promote their old HQ office site in the region of Comerio, Italy to potential investors and developers as a great fit for them to invest in.


The property had historical and community significance and Whirlpool and CBRE wanted to make sure that the essence of the property and the region is captured in this film. Ekstasy helped script the film and worked with CBRE and Whirlpool to position the lovely property in the best light. Also, all interviews were with real interviewees, local to the region, as we wanted it to be as authentic as possible. Filmed over 4 days and project in total took 2 months to complete. The Comerio Mayor, Whirlpool and CBRE did a launch event for investors and the local community where this film was shown. The film helped make the promotion and sale of the property much easier.

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